Fit our Automatic Greasing System and save hundreds of thousands of pounds!!

Transport companies and operators are constantly under pressure to save money, increase productivity and make every investment in trailers last longer.

From specialist multi axle low loaders to standard 40’ tri- axle rear steers our automatic lubrication systems are ideal for all your application for lowering your maintenance costs and downtime.

Large fleets can expect to save hundreds of thousands of pounds over the life of their equipment, by lowering your maintenance costs and improving your efficiencies. Lubricating a tri axle trailer on a weekly basis would take around 2-3 hours combined with cleaning and lubricating each individual point.

This equates to approximately £1500 per year in direct labour costs plus the lost revenue time the trailer is off the road and if a point fails due to lack of lubrication, the associated downtime can easily exceed labour costs. On a typical tri axle trailer our automatic lubrication system will service axle pivots, axle locks, slack adjusters, brake cams and shaft tubes.

From a single axle trailer to the most complicated modular axle configuration available our automatic lubrication systems have proven their reliability and effectiveness.