Fitting an Automatic Greasing System to your machine will save you time and money.

Expensive agricultural machinery should be regularly maintained, to combat the harsh natural environments that cause continual operational wear & tear. So smart operators know it is wise to protect their expensive farming investments with well proven lubrication systems.

Our automatic lubrication systems are designed and built to withstand the rigorist conditions associated with the Agricultural sector it is ideally suited to such rugged applications providing lubrication to bearings and linkages whilst the machine is in use. This has always been shown to be the most efficient way to lubricate also providing the most cost efficient use of grease and lubricants.

The system is compact, easy to operate and virtually maintenance free except for reservoir refill.

We only use the highest quality components available to build a reliable lubrication system that will:

  • Prolong bearing life
  • Lubricates whilst the Machine operates
  • Reduced lubricant consumption
  • Prevents manual labour saving you time and money
  • Less downtime
  • Higher residual machine value