Using our Automatic Greasing System will Keep your coaches well maintained.

Despite ever increasing traffic levels on today’s roads, travel by coach must be made even safer.

Bus companies and operators are constantly under pressure due to the rising number of accidents, compensation claims and strict safety regulations.

It is therefore paramount that buses and coaches are maintained to the highest level possible.

Fitting one of our autolube greasing system will prevent costly parts becoming damaged and reduce the high consequential costs involved due to vehicle downtime.

Due to advanced technology the number of lubricating points on modern buses and coaches has been reduced to the minimum required over the past few years.

We have designed a specific lubrication system for buses and coaches with few lubrication points. Compact-lube was developed to be installation friendly and can grease up to 24 points. The system is easy to operate, and virtually maintenance free. It is fully adjustable, and will deliver precise lubrication whenever the vehicle is in motion.